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Verse 1

I'm letting you know 
I'll pull back and let it go 
But I've got nothing to show for it 
I'm letting you know 

I need time to heal 
from this hell that's so real 
But you won't reveal to me 
the way that you feel 

Chorus 1

Complications are in everything 
I want to tell you I love you 
but you want to wear my ring 
When will you be all that I need? 
Can we disagree to agree? 

Verse 2

Long time ago 
I knew when to say no 
to the shadows in my soul 
That was a long time ago 

Quarter after midnight 
I'll be on the next flight 
to anywhere but right here, my dear 
I'm leaving tonight 

Chorus 2

Can't tell you where we go from here 
when lies are our lovers 
and truth disappears 
Can't tell you if we can go back 
but it's much too late for that 

(c) 2016 Elgie Street Music (ASCAP)

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